I have been self employed for the bulk of my adult working years in two very different industries.  1) being convenience store manager/owner. 2) Residential building general contractor. The one thing both of these occupations have in common is a awful lot of regulation, mandates and bureaucracy.  The amount of time and money that flows into state and federal government via licensing fees, permits fees, taxes, regulatory, continuing education and many others.  There comes a time to take a stand. While I agree that some oversight is not a bad thing (I had to take a test to show I had the skill set to be a general contractor on one half of the test and the other is on running a small business w/emphasis on paying taxes and compliance) On the other hand, when we have to bow to the MN DOLI, MN SOS, MN DOT, MN DEPT OF HEALTH, EPA & OSHA( did you know that OSHA now considers me an employee of me)

The ACA has impacted many with very negative effects and incredibly large cost increases. I have never believed that the US Congress would ever repeal the ACA. Once the government has that much control of the people, it is never to be given back. We as a STATE have to take it BACK.

I have always followed current affairs, news (local, national & world) and more importantly politics. I follow these things as they have a large effect on all of us and our local communities. With regards to politics, several years ago I started to attend local BPOU meetings as a way to have some insight/influence  on what happens in our local community and State. At the first opportunity I put my name in to run to be a Delegate/ Alternate.  Since then I have attended all Conventions/ State Central Meetings  and have been seated as a delegate or alternate.   I would have never imagined that I would run for a state office!  This decision in part comes from what has gone from a “passion to follow” to a “frustration to take back our liberties” I believe it is very important that many of our Senators and Representatives be from the private sector and not career Politicians, as those that work for a living have firsthand understanding of how legislators affect our everyday lives, both in our home life and our work life.

As a small business owner for much of my adult life, I came to a point to run for state office to have my and your voice heard, by getting the government out of so much of our lives. Now, it is time to run for re-election because there is more work to do. The never ending rules and regulations put on us as citizens and our small businesses (including farmers) have to be pushed back and removed.

As your Representative, I will continue to stand firm on the Constitution, strong principles and simple common sense. Your support is appreciated and I humbly ask for your vote this Nov. 3 so that we may continue the work we have begun to make Minnesota a better place to live, work, go to school and raise a family.